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MessageSujet: ~European Fanclub~   Mar 3 Juin 2008 - 0:18

Salut DBSK/TVXQ fans ^_^

Ca va? *g*

I´m Elina and I come from Germany. As all of you I´m a huge fan of DBSK and I´ve registered here because I need your help. ^_^

Where do I start?…

Well, the German fans decided to make an European Fanclub of Dong Bang Shin Ki, a club for all the fans made by fans.

There is Cassiopeia (in Korea) and BigEast (in Japan) but still no FC for ALL the European fans …and we want to change that ^_^ because we believe that there are a lot of fans of DBSK out there.

We already have 29 members, not only from Germany but from France and Poland as well ^_^ and we would be glad to see many many more from other countries of Europe..

Here´s the link: http://www.iphpbb.com/board/fs-74799192nx111057.html

We´re still at the beginning but we work on it ;)
Currently we´re searching for a name for the fanclub..

And here is where I need YOUR help. ^_^

We´ve already thought about a few names.. but since it´s an EUROPEAN Fanclub I think we should ask as many fans as possible..

The only condition we have is: the name must have sth to do with the boys…
(And we also thought about names which have sth to do with Europe)

Here are a few names we thought out:

- Five Gods or Rising Gods

- Angels of the west: DBSK are the gods from the east and we fans are their angels, normally watching that nothing happens to them.

- Go Kami: in japanese: five gods

- Eternal / Together: names of their songs

-Sunshine: because they called `Rising Gods of the East´ , so the
sun(=TVXQ^^) rise up and we are their Sunshine.

- Rising Sun
- Cassiopeia.EU

Or other mythical stuff we liked:

- Aurora: Goddess of the dawn and DBSK are gods from the rising east, album called rising sun...

- Muse: DBSK often say that their fans give them strength. Muses are
inspirations and tutelary goddesses. (alternatively maybe Calliope, means beautiful voice and was the muse of poetry)

- Eos: is, in Greek mythology, the Titanic goddess of the dawn (basically the same as Aurora just in greek mythology not Roman^^)

- Helios: In Greek mythology the sun was personified as Helios; he was the god of the sun.. (in Roman he was called Sol)

- Olympus: the place where the gods (DBSK) live; has sth to do with
Europe; an mountain is steady and strong, like we fans are steady and strong for our boys

So that´s it so far ^_^ I´ve copied the names and the meanings..

Many of us liked the idea to choose something with a deeper meaning.. Others think the simpler the better..

What do you guys think?

Since it´s an European Fanclub I (we) would like to hear your opinions and suggestions.. Maybe you have other/better ideas for a name?

Please help us to find a good one ^_^

We invite all of you to our FC page ^_^ (There we can discuss for further names ^_^)

I know it´s still a bit empty but with your help we can make it bigger ;)


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~European Fanclub~
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